Video Surveillance Services

Serving the Grenada, Batesville, Oxford and Greenwood Mississippi Areas

Business Security

Long Creek Security brings the latest in technology to secure your business in the Grenada Mississippi and surrounding areas with hi-tech video surveillance. We offer the latest in IP security cameras and NVR survelance technology along with push notifications to handheld devices.

Remote Asset Security

Remote construction and agricultural sites are historically victims of theft. Longcreek Security can give you the upper hand in video surveillance and motion push notifications from remote locations that are limited in internet access and law enforcement patrols.

Law Enforement Video

From dash cams to body mounted hardware, Longcreek Security can help law enforcement patrols capture crucial video needed by todays law enforcment agencies. Budgets are always constraints with town and county tight budgets, our team can present cost effective ways to meet your legal requirement needs.

Corporate Property Protection

Corporate properties, such as manufacting facilities in the North Mississippi area, have special needs in video surveillance. Corporations require more than video, things like employee beacon technolgy integrated with time stamped videos can meet even the most stringent security needs. If you are opening new facilities or upgrading existing corporate locations, give LongCreek a call for a free consultation.

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Can I get record video where there is no fiber internet connections?

Yes! LongCreek has several methods to record and send alert push notifications from remote areas in North Mississippi.

Does Longcreek install cameras in homes?

No. We do not service conventional residential housing. But, we can assist in apartment complexes and large estates.

Can you install security cameras that can be viewed from long distances?

Yes! We have apps that can access installed video systems from anywhere in the world.

Do you warranty your equipment?

All installed systems come with one year warranty on labor and equipment. Terms and conditions apply.

Can you install video equipment in fleet vehicles?

Yes! LongCreek can cover your fleet vidoe needs!