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Long Creek Web Agency is a full service internet company, located in Grenada Mississippi, ready to assist businesses or individuals in graphics, videos, explainers, websites, social media, voiceovers and more. We specialize in thumbnail creation. Thumbnails make your videos standout above the competition


We can help brand your product, business or your individual social media presence with websites, custom logos, videos, explainers, whiteboards, glassboards, blackboards, explainers, toons, thumbnails and more. We are a one stop branding shop!


To survive in the 21st century business markets , you must have a social media and internet presence that grabs attention in a short time frame. Let us show you how to leap start your business above the competition with our USA based agency


Graphics and videos should be eyepopping and grab attention within a few seconds or you can lose internet visitors quickly. Our videos, explainers, animations and thumbnails are sure to start a quick and interactive experience that will captivate visitors.



Very powerful video ads can be made from power point presentations. Our presentation experts can give you a taylored custom design that will turn visitors into customers


You have just seconds to grab a visitors attention.  Many businesses overlook the power of thumbnails. It can make or break video ads. We specialize in custom thumbnails.

WHiteBoard Explainer

A whiteboard explainer video can be a high converting type of ad. We can make whiteboard, glassboard, blackboard and custom background videos that literally draw your ideas out and grab viewers attention

Social Media

We can help you create that special social media ad campaign for Facebook, Twitter, and more. We serve the Grenada Mississippi area but can help any business across the global with hundreds of niches.


Free resources to learn more about making the most of your business internet presence  

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Online Advertising

Have you ever noticed the sides of your browser window as you are viewing a web page? Most of the time these things that you are reading have basically internet advertisements. This allows consumers who are on the internet to see different products. This also...

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