What Are Social Bookmarks?

Social bookmarks are web sites that people save on their computers as a way to visit the web site again at a later time. This is a very simple procedure that anyone can do from their computer. But in recent years, social bookmarking has helped small businesses increase their web traffic because when a web site is bookmarked by many people, the web site ranking will go up. One of the best ways to be noticed on the internet is through web site ranking. When a person conducts a web search, they will type in keywords that will be used to find web sites that match what they are looking for. Many times, people will only look at the top ten web sites. This means that businesses and others want to be in the top ten web sites. Social bookmarks can help raise the ranking.

In order to get people to create a social bookmark, the web site has to be of interest, offer a fun activity or sale that will persuade a person to visit the site again. Another way to ensure social bookmarks is to ask if the person wants to create a bookmark. Many times people will even if they do not need to visit the site again. While this is one marketing techniques among many others that are more effective, it is one way to advertise for free on the internet.

Since many people are busy these days, social bookmarks have helped give them more time to spend visiting web sites and buying online. Offering a web site that one would want to visit again means incorporating well written content, graphics that are interesting, and an easy way to navigate through the site. This will help create a steady flow of people to the site which will also cause the web site to be ranked higher. Social bookmarks help those who are surfing the internet as well as those who run their businesses on it.